1. Long Overdue Update!

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry for the silence on this blog, most of the action has been going on over on Facebook &, with details constantly changing with this festival, it’s been hard to keep everything up to date. BUT ANYWAYS, the festival is this weekend!

    We are so excited to have such awesome lineups for each day and have had the best group of people helping out. Big thanks go out to Scott Sanders for coordinating this whole festival with me & booking a majority of the bands you guys will see this weekend, Heather Brosche for creating all of the artwork &, along with Bobby Bray, printing all materials & creating all of the Internet events for the weekend. Special thanks also go out to Greg Prout & everyone else at the Che for helping us every step of the way and allowing us to put on such an overwhelming event, & to George Pritzker for his help in starting all of the fundraising work for the Che and helping with this blog & festival details throughout the process. 

    A lot of you have been asking when & where you may get tickets for this festival. Well, I finally have an answer for you. Tickets will be available at the Che starting at 3 PM on Friday, January 6th and will be available throughout the fest. But you don’t want to wait on line, do you?

    Well, here’s all the info you need to get your tickets at will call (fancy right?):

    Send an email to thechecafe@gmail.com with “WILL CALL” as the subject. 

    in the body of the email list:

    • NAME: 
    • # of TICKETS:

    Then wait for a reply back with a confirmation and amount owed.

    If you do not get your tickets will call, remember to ARRIVE EARLY. The Che has a strict 200 person capacity and we want to get as many people in as possible.

    We have printed a limited number of posters for each day as well as for the full festival. These will be for sale at all of the shows!

    Below are the links for the Facebook event pages for each day. RSVP & invite your friends!

    Day 1 (1/6): http://www.facebook.com/events/271366366251444/

    Day 2 (1/7): http://www.facebook.com/events/210376055713749/

    Day 3 (1/8): http://www.facebook.com/events/151310851644300/

    All days: http://www.facebook.com/events/297863113567458/

    See all of you this weekend,


  2. No more teasing. Here’s the poster for the festival!
We’ll put up posters will individual days and set times soon!
Please RSVP to the Facebook event for presale info. In the meantime, invite all of your friends, spread this poster around and get excited!

A huge, huge thanks to Heather Brosche for making this poster!

    No more teasing. Here’s the poster for the festival!

    We’ll put up posters will individual days and set times soon!

    Please RSVP to the Facebook event for presale info. In the meantime, invite all of your friends, spread this poster around and get excited!

    A huge, huge thanks to Heather Brosche for making this poster!

  3. As promised, here are a few more of the bands who are playing the benefit fest:


    WITT (Reunion)



    There will be another announcement next week with presale info, but in the meantime check out the event on Facebook!

  4. We will be posting the next set of bands for the benefit festival this coming Wednesday so stay tuned!

    If you would like to volunteer to help with benefit efforts, feel free to contact me (all of the info is on the contact page,) we can use all of the help we can get in posting flyers up and spreading the word! 

    Just a reminder, the festival is fully booked so we are NOT taking any submissions for the festival. We appreciate all of the positive response and all of the bands that have offered to help out, but we can only fit so many bands in three days.

    Secondly, as much as I’d like to, I can not help you book a show at the Che for a later date as I am not a booking representative. If you are looking for a show at the Che, please fill out their booking form

    We can’t wait to share the rest of the lineup with all of you. If you haven’t already, please RSVP for the event on Facebook & share it with your friends! Pre-sale information will come in the next few weeks so get ready! 

  5. Unbroken shirt!

    The third and final shirt for the Che Cafe benefit has been posted over at Hellfish Family, go check it out!

    We are very excited to have Unbroken on board with our benefit effort & would like to thank Hellfish and everyone in each of the participating bands - Bane, Seven Generations, & Unbroken - for their generous support. 

    Just a reminder, ALL proceeds from these shirt sales go directly to the Che Cafe so please take a moment to check out the shirts and see if any of them strike your fancy!

    We’re happy to see how strong of a positive response we have gotten thus far from the release of the initial festival lineup. We are really excited for the shows and look forward to seeing all of you there! More info will be released shortly but, in the meantime, you can RSVP for the event on Facebook. Please spread the event around!


    - Jesse

  6. Festival Info & Initial Lineup!


    The day has finally come! We are pleased to announce some of the bands who will be playing at the “I PROMISE” benefit festival being held at the Che on January 6-8!

    No Age



    Crystal Antlers




    Tickets will be $15 per day & more bands, pre-sale information, and other details will be released over the coming weeks.

    Please spread the word in any and every way you can. We’d love to see every night sold out to save the Che. 

    - Jesse & Scott

  7. Seven Generations shirt is now available!

    Hello all!

    Hellfish Family has put the exclusive Seven Generations shirt up for sale on their website. The response has been great so far with the Bane shirt that was released last month so we hope that this one goes over just as well! The third and final shirt design (from Unbroken) will be coming in the next month or so, so stay tuned for that!

    Check out the Seven Generations design below and support the Ché by buying this awesome shirt; Michael from Hellfish will be at the festival selling the three shirt designs but it’s probably best that you get yours now and be ahead of the pack!

    Click this link to buy the shirt

    Just a reminder, tomorrow we will be announcing some of the initial lineup for the festival as well as ticket prices and all of that fun stuff. We are really excited to share some of this awesome list of bands with all of you.

    - Jesse

  8. Album Art

    Today’s post come’s from Travis Hill, who has contributed a track titled, “Green Grass Sprouted from The Woman’s Blood.” Travis has performed at the Che under the names T. Putnam Hill, Israel Putnam el Americano, and as a member of the group Bro Zen. Please donate to the cause with the paypal button below! On November 21st we will be announcing the lineup for the benefit festival taking place January 6th - 8th at the Che Cafe.

    "The best thing the Che Cafe did for me was giving me the opportunity to play my first show ever. I was sixteen years old, and played five or six poorly-written, ear-aching acoustic songs to an audience that patiently suffered. Regardless of that torturous set, the Che Cafe became a musical home for me in the years to come. My friends and I would play there regularly. We would hang in the woods for hours before the show, and then maybe for hours after the bands had finished. We became comfortable in that space and its surroundings.

    I probably never appreciated the Che enough when I was young. I took it for granted that the Che would always exist, would always be a place where we could see a show, set up a show, or just plain chill. Now that I’m older, I realize that is not the case: the Che is mortal and it must be fed. 

    While I no longer call San Diego my home, the Che Cafe remains an integral part of my life as well as so many other musicians. As long as its doors are open, the Che Cafe will always be a place I return to, and it will always be ingrained in my memory, as long as I don’t take too much of my Prop 215 medications. AND THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN! What are they to do without a vegan hideaway far from their steak-loving parents!?!?”

  9. Benefit shirts!

    Hello all, 

    Sorry for the lack of content on this blog for the last few weeks, but we finally have some news we’re excited to share with all of you!

    We are pleased to announce that Hellfish Family merch has joined our efforts to raise money for the Che Cafe! Unlike other fundraising projects, where we would simply be looking for organizations & companies to give money to our cause, we wanted to embrace the DIY spirit of the Che and have sponsors share their services with us.

    So, Hellfish Family has gotten three bands — Bane, Unbroken, & Seven Generations (I think all of which were suggested by the followers of this blog… see we DO listen!) — to make exclusive shirt designs for the Che Cafe benefit for Hellfish to print. On top of that, Hellfish Family has agreed to donate ALL PROFITS from shirt sales to the cause! Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out the site, the company is run by a great guy who really cares about music & it shows.


    So, check out the link below to view the first exclusive shirt, coming from Bane. Bane will be passing through San Diego on tour this coming Monday (October 24th) playing the Che with Defeater, Dead End Path, & Miles Away so I hope some of you guys show up with the new shirt!

    We will be releasing the rest of the designs in the coming weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime, help us spread the word! I can’t stress enough how important all of your contributions are. Without all of our followers, we never would have been able to get as many donations or as much publicity as we have already so thank you all!

    - Jesse

                                              Click here to view the exclusive design!

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The Ché Café, founded in 1980, is a community space, DIY venue, vegan café, resource center for radical grassroots activists, and a whole lot more. We host all ages shows, serve tasty vegan food and host numerous political and social events.


This fundraising page will serve as a collection of music, art, photographs, videos, and words from a community that supports the perseverance of the Ché. Financial adversity is now threatening the venue's existence, and we need everyone to come together and help achieve our goal of raising $12,000--enough money to renew the Ché’s insurance policy and ensure that this crucial community space will remain in operation.


We hope that with this donation page, filled with art and thoughts from people who support this space and what it has stood for over the past three decades, we will not only help raise the money necessary to keep the Che Cafe running, but also the awareness of its legacy and how it will continue to benefit our community in the future.


Keep your eyes open for more benefit events and a compilation record on the horizon, and please see the contact and donate pages for more information on how to contribute. Thanks!


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This blog was founded by Jesse Kranzler and George Pritzker. Having grown up with the Ché Café, we recognize the indispensability of this all ages, DIY community space, and enlist the support of all of our peers in San Diego and beyond to help us with this benefit project!


Jesse Kranzler is a musician originally based in San Diego who is currently living in New York for college. He has been a part of many projects that have performed at the Che over the years including WITT, nut/crackers, Town Hall, Snuffaluffagus among others.


George Pritzker is a San Diego-based musician who has performed regularly at the Che Cafe for the past eight years. His projects include Japandi, Weatherbox , Snuffaluffagus , Bro Zen, nut/crackers, among others.